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Test 2 MP 1 Study Guide

Page history last edited by William Kelly 3 years, 10 months ago

The first test will include material on the kinematic equations;

d = vt     vf = v+ at    d = vit + (1/2)at2

One dimensional motion including freefall motion will be covered. 

There will also be graphing.


It is worth reviewing all of the assignments we have done and the notes you have taken.

All of the material we have covered so far can be found at 

1D Motion 


The following are also useful reviews.  

Review for Test 2 MP 1   This assignment is due the day of the test. 

Solutions - Review Test 2 MP 1


Kinematics Practice 4

Solutions - Kinematics Practice 4


Freefall Problems

Solutions - Freefall Problems


Review for Test 1 MP 1

Solutions - Review for Test 1 MP 1


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