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06 - Thursday September 19

Page history last edited by William Kelly 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Turn in 010 - Kinematics Practice

Remember to turn this into Schoology.  After you are sure that your answers are complete and correct, remember to upload the assignment to your Google Drive physics folder.  Make sure that you use the same name that I gave the assignment.  For example, 010 - Kinematics Practice.


We will review your quiz.


We will try to determine if an object is moving under constant velocity.


You will take a graphing assessment.


We will review 010 - Kinematics Practice.


Complete 012 - Kinematics Practice 2

This assignment is due on Monday September 23.


Watch the video 13 - Graphing (15:52)

Complete 013 - Graphing Notes

This assignment is due on Wednesday September 25.


We will have a quiz on Wednesday September 25,

015 - Quiz 2 MP 1


Complete 017 - Review for Test 1 MP 1

This assignment is due on Friday September 27


Watch the video 18 - Slowing Down and Third Equation (9:25)  

Complete 018 - Slowing Down and Third Equation Notes.

This assignment is due on Thursday October 3.


You will have a test on Thursday October 3.

019 - Test 1 MP 1


Complete 020 - Kinematics Practice 3.

This assignment is due on Monday October 7.


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