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21 - Wednesday November 13

Page history last edited by William Kelly 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Turn in  040 - Notes - Horizontal Projectiles 


We will review 037 - Kinematics Practice 5


We will go over the solution for the last problem from 040 - Notes - Horizontal Projectiles.

40 - Solution for the last problem in the notes


Carefully read the Zero to Sixty Instructions

Complete 035 - Zero to Sixty -Research and Analysis and 036 - Zero to Sixty - A Brief Essay

These assignments along with the presentation are all due by the start of class on Tuesday November 19.


Complete 041 - Horizontal Projectile Problems

This assignment is due on Friday November 15


Watch the video At An Angle Projectiles (10:22)

Complete 045 - Notes - At an Angle Projectiles

This assignment is due on Tuesday November 19


Complete 047 - At an Angle Projectile Problems

This assignment is due on Thursday November 21


Complete 051 - Projectiles and More

This assignment is due on Monday November 25




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