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61 - Monday March 23

Page history last edited by William Kelly 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Good morning.  I hope you are all doing well.  Our class meetings are now going to be from 10:00 to 11:00 on A Days.  Please go to Schoology and join today's conference.  I am hopeful that the problems from last time have been resolved.  I will also be available through email.  If you were unable to get on the conference, email me to let you know that.  Good luck today!


Turn in 095 - Review For Test 2 MP 3 to Schoology.  

Use these solutions, 95 - Solutions - Review For Test 2 MP 3 to make any corrections you need to.

When you have made the corrections, be sure to upload your work to your physics portfolio on Google Drive.

If you are having trouble with a problem, please email me.


096 - Another Review For Test 2 MP 3

This is an optional assignment. 


We may have a test on Wednesday March 25. 

(Be sure to log on during our class time.  This will test will be available at the start of our class meeting time and will be due by the end of our class meeting time. It will be a take home test -obviously. )


Upcoming Assignments

Complete 098 - A Very Fast Car

This assignment is due on Wednesday March 25


Watch the video 099 - Momentum Video (17:03)

Complete 099 - Momentum Notes

This assignment is due on Friday March 27


Complete 100 - Momentum and Impulse Practice

This assignment is due on Tuesday March 31


Watch the video 101 - Conservation of Momentum (10:15)

Complete 101 - Conservation of Momentum Notes

This assignment is due on Thursday April 2


Complete 102 - Conservation of Momentum Practice





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