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77 - Thursday May 14

Page history last edited by William Kelly 2 months, 3 weeks ago

Happy Thursday!  


I will have a conference today.  I want to make sure everyone is able to attend our Schoology conferences.  If you haven't been to a conference yet, please check in.  I will keep the conference open during today's quiz.  If you have trouble getting into the conference, please see the Conference Connection Tip at the bottom of this page.  Please check below that to see your upcoming responsibilities for our class.  Have a great day!


Here's today's plan;

Turn in 111 - Mechanical Energy Notes to Schoology.


We will have a quiz today.  It will begin at 10:15.  Use the link below to enter the quiz.

If you have troubles accessing the quiz, email me immediately during this class meeting, I will be available to help.


Quiz 4 MP 4 <--This link is not currently active

Download Formula Sheet For Quiz 4 MP 4


Please consult the Portfolio Checklist and make sure you have complete and correct versions of all of those assignments in your Google Drive Portfolio. There will only be one portfolio check this marking period so make this one count!  All of the assignments on the checklist have already been completed and reviewed, so you should be ready for this at any time.



Complete 112 - Mechanical Energy Practice 

This assignment will be due at the start of class on Wednesday May 20.

We will have a short quiz during our class meeting on Wednesday May 20.


We will have a short quiz during our class meeting on Wednesday May 20.


Complete 117 - Review Up To Energy 

This assignment is due at the start of class on Thursday May 28.

(This is a lengthy assignment so you should start it as soon as possible.  You will have an extra class meeting to complete it but you should not wait until the last minute.)


We will have a short quiz on Thursday May 28.


Conference Connection Tip 

It seems going through the app on your iPad can complicate this.  You will have better luck by using this address on your browser. https://monroetownship.schoology.com/

If you have trouble getting on the conference, email me to let me know.





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